Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Facts about Placement....

1. The average domestic salary of IIM Indore dropped from Rs 13.07 lakh in 2008 to Rs 10.29 lakh this year — a dip of 22 per cent as compared to the last year

2. The domestic average salary of IIM Calcutta took a plunge of 23 per cent from last year’s Rs 16.4 lakh to Rs 12.7 lakh this year.

3. The average domestic salary of IIM Ahmedabad has dipped by a massive 32 per cent during this year’s final placement process. The average domestic salary came down to Rs 12.17 lakh this year as compared to last year’s Rs 17.85 lakh.

Now imagine what would the dreadful situation for lower run colleges

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Update chocked by New version outburst

These days while working for Sugarlabs, i need to work on their operating system named as sugar.
For ease of my work, i installed sugar on virtual box. Sugar is "fedora" based therefore uses fedora update servers for its own files.
All those readers who are aware of fedora knows command like yum , yum install etc
for all those who are not aware
yum is used to connect to all the server worldwide and installed the required package for the user.
yesterday when i jott down "yum install git" it started checking all the server for git packages but from all the servers an http status of 403 is returned that means forbidden.

when i traced few of the server paths manually i came to know that URL which yum is trying didnt exists
e.g. it was trying to connect but instead of folder named as 11 they had renamed it to /11-Preview/test/... that was the first time i got frustrated by some open source policy.

For correcting this problem, i tried to poke [* way i poked is confidential *] into the system commands and found a most probable solution that works execellent for me

while installing any package traverse through the complete path of server manually and copy the path.
open the terminal
yum install
this will correct your problem
after these all steps

type yum install

your package will download itself and get install ... enjoy !!!!