Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gtalk : are you blocked or not ??

Its being longtime, since you have chatted with one of your good friend on gtalk.
Your worry let you think that either He/She never comes online through gtalk or He/She might have blocked you.
Now there is a way to know whether you have being blocked by that person or not.
Install : Pidgin

Configure your gtalk account on pidgin, once you get all procedure done, login to yourgtalk account.In your buddy search that person, poke that person with your right click and select getinfo.
If you get the information about the person huraaay you are not blocked and if not then you really must be in a grim situation my friend

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Change Registered Owners

One of the features which Windows doesn't have is the ability to change the owners name or the organization that the system was registered to.  A better solution to this problem is Registry hack.

This Registry hack is very simple. Remember to back up your Registry before you make any changes to it. A Registry with errors can cause your system to run slow, crash, or even not boot at all.

1. Go to Start and search for regedit. Windows XP users will have to go to Start, Run and type in regedit then click okay.

2. Expand the following on the left menu tree:
Current Version

3. On the right you should see a registry key that is called RegisteredOwner. Double click this key and you can change it’s value. This will change the owner’s name.

4. If you want you can also change RegisteredOrganization also. You will double click the key like you did RegisteredOwner and change the value.

5. Close your Registry

To check the if the changes have taken place, you can run Winver from a Run prompt or in Vista you can search for this application.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Much awaited office 2010

Earlier this year in January, I posted few pics of office 14 (code name) given to office 2010.Now presently office 2010 comes under black box testing stage and microsoft is planing to release it with windows se7en

Few pics of office 2010